Composing A Top-Grade 6 Paragraph Expository Essay On Marketing Strategies

Students pursuing an MBA course will have to study several different subjects, and marketing strategies is one among them. At the end of the course, the teacher is expected to assign a 5 paragraph expository essay to understand how well the students have understood the curriculum on marketing strategies and whether they are equipped to expand upon the available literature. However, this is just a suggestion and some teachers instead prefer to assign a 6 paragraph essay to help provide more scope for the students to explore their chosen topic. Now you might be wondering how this sort of essay compares to a 5 paragraph essay APA format. The answer is, not much! Yes, there are some structural differences but the core idea is still the same. So, don’t get spooked when your professor asks you to compose a marketing strategies essay in six paragraphs. Just rely on what you have been taught, use a range of additional resources, and you’ll be fine.

  • Creating a Good Hook
  • Your first challenge is to form a great hook. What is a hook? Well, it’s usually the first sentence of the paper. This is what readers are going to read first and so it gives them a taste of what to expect. If you wish to grab the reader’s attention, then it is important that you form the right sort of hook. You need to make a surprise statement that is unique to your paper. Some writers prefer to begin the work with the quote of a famous person or pose a challenging question. The ultimate choice is in your hands. Ask yourself how you wish to capture people’s attention. In a paper on marketing strategies, make sure that the hook is relevant to the topic.

  • Develop a Functional Introduction
  • You must focus on discussing each of the main ideas that you are going to be presenting in your paper on marketing strategies. This is important in order to understand and share the bigger picture along with any background info that pertains to the topic. The introduction should not be too long but should highlight all the essential ideas.

  • Narrowing Your Vision
  • Imagine a funnel. Notice how its shape starts out broad towards the top and then becomes more tapering as it nears the bottom. Keeping this particular picture in mind, you should write your paper. Confused? Well, it’s easy. Start by introducing the broad topic of your paper and then begin narrowing it down as you progress. This will ultimately allow you to segue into the thesis statement. Marketing strategies is a very broad and comprehensive subject, and so if you try to include all points into your paper, it will become huge and unwieldy. Narrowing your scope will enable you to focus on what matters.

  • Thesis Statement
  • The thesis statement sums up the marketing strategy topic you have chosen and then carefully explains your position on the argument. You must have three different ideas present in this section. Each one will deal with a different concept. One will showcase the causes and effects for your way of thinking regarding the topic, the other will concentrate on the perspectives that you’ll have to deal with, and finally, comes the arguments part.

  • Paraphrasing
  • You have to ensure that you’re using your own words in the paper rather than copying them from a specific source. It is important that you present all the different concepts and ideas in your own language, as it will give you greater control.

  • Wrapping Up
  • The last paragraph in your marketing strategy paper will deal with refutation and counterarguments. You have to identify the counterargument i.e. the views of people who aren’t on the same page as you regarding the topic, and then you have to argue against it with sufficient proof.