Basic Rules for Composing an Organizational Communication Essay

The importance around composing a great organizational communication essay is that it usually deals with a topic concerning the sharing of information. It makes for the foundation of how people exchange ideas over several channels.

Conduct ample research

As you are brainstorming for a few good topic ideas you should first do a little background research to familiarize yourself with some key issues surrounding organizational communication. As you narrow your topic you can start your in-depth research by visiting your library and looking up several recent academic resources.

Draft a thesis statement

The information you find should allow you start to focus your paper’s topic and main argument. A really good technique for coming up with an argument is to write out several thesis statements. Ask yourself questions surrounding your biggest interests and ideas to explore. Gradually, work towards choosing a topic you can absolutely

Create a paper outline

Take your research notes and use your main discussion points to create an outline of your paper. Keep the reader in mind when you arrange the outline, ensuring that it is structured in the most logical way possible so that the reader will easily understand the point you are trying to make. Be sure to include sub-points for each piece of supporting evidence you have.

Start writing the first draft

Don’t wait to start your first draft. It’s important that you write quickly and efficiently at this stage. The point of this exercise is to get all of your ideas down in one place. Don’t stop to make corrections to grammar, punctuation, or spelling. These things can all be fixed in a later stage of your composition.

Revise your argument

Set your paper aside for a few days. When you return to revise your argument you should be able to identify several places where either removing content, adding content, or rearranging content will make your argument more logical and readily understood by your intended audience.

Proofread and edit the paper

The final step of composing an organizational communication essay is proofreading and editing. It’s a way to make corrections to your word use and second structure, as well as grammar, punctuation and spelling. Doing this at several levels will ensure that you don’t miss the tiniest mistakes, which even the best and most experienced writers might gloss over.