Picking Up Fresh Technology Essay Topics: 15 Great Prompts

One way to make writing an essay about technology easier is to choose a good topic. New ideas for an academic paper can inspire fresh perspectives related to technology. On the other hand, this can be a good time to learn elements about the subject you may have overlooked. When considering a fresh idea be open to looking at the subject from all sides. While some may find the idea of choosing a unique topic challenging, it helps to view the subject from different viewpoints. Here are some tips and ideas to get you started.

15 Potential Technology Essay Topics and Suggestions

Creating fresh ideas can be sparked by basic writing prompts. In many ways, it is a matter of creative thinking and really looking outside of the box when considering something different. To get an idea of what you can write about, consider the following writing prompts when developing an original fresh idea.

  1. Cell phone battery risks.
  2. Types of materials used to make laptops.
  3. Medical setbacks due to technology.
  4. How technology helps solve crimes.
  5. Is too much technology used to help children learn?
  6. How international security has been improved.
  7. Why hackers can hack a secured computer system.
  8. How technology has helped increase identity theft.
  9. Why self-driving cars are a good or bad idea.
  10. What technology is used to make monetary notes (how is money printed)?
  11. How technology is used in the court system.
  12. How does a text message work?
  13. Why jobs in this field pay more than other fields.
  14. Comparing Android to iOS.
  15. How technology helps create clean or dirty water.

Other Details to Know

Whether you are writing a science and technology essay about a fact or opinion, make sure your topic idea is something you can provide solid information. As you look for ideas to write about keep in mind research resources you will need to use. Choose a topic you can write about without problems. Use a mix of resources to generate raw ideas for your paper. This not only helps with coming up with a unique topic, it also makes it easier to write the paper when you have resources already lined up. Ask your instructor for additional ideas on how to come up with an original topic.