10 Problem-Solution Essay Topics to Help you Get Started

The first problem that every student encounters when constructing a written discourse is deciding what topic to compose on. Needless to say, this is paradoxical particularly if you are constructing a problem-solution essay. Luckily, there is a solution to this, and you can do that by simply ensuring that you select a topic that you are truly passionate about. In addition, it is essential to pick a problem that comes with a viable solution- this implies that it must be something that has actionable measures which target readers could take.

Here are some problem solution essay topics you can consider to get started:

  1. Problem: Sexual Assaults in Universities – Solution: In what ways should students be educated about sexual assaults and what responsibility should universities have in providing that education?
  2. Problem: Suicide – Solution: Should there be a plenty of therapy and counseling programs which are readily available for people? Can mental health programs help in inhibiting suicide cases?
  3. Problem: Long-term unemployment – Solution: What should individuals who suffering long-term unemployment do? What type of programs should be accessible to such individuals while they hunt jobs?
  4. Problem: Home Foreclosures – Solution: Should the federal government execute laws that shall safeguard homeowners, and if so, how?
  5. Problem: Student loan debts – Solution: What policies should the government execute that will help reduce the burden for students at the time they graduate?
  6. Problem: Consumer debt – Solution: What critical steps should people stay out of debt? What programs, if any, are available for them?
  7. Problem: Police brutality – Solution: In what means should the police department tackle cultural attitudes among officers with regards to the individuals they police?
  8. Problem: Child labor – Solution: Should the government carry out trade policies that will tackle the issue? If so, what type of policies should it execute?
  9. Problem: Mass shootings – Solution: What type of gun control laws should be carried out? Should technology be utilized to reduce mass shootings and in what means can it be utilized? What about manufacturers of guns, what role should they have?
  10. Problem: Exploitation of workers – Solution: How should unions approach and convince more people to collaborate with unions? What about employees who are incapable to organize in their workplace? What are the steps that must be taken for them to organize?

Now that you have some ideas for topics to write, to get started, it is a must to first do your own research about how to write a problem solution essay.

The burdens in writing a problem solution essay will be minimized if you have proper guides to adhere to. You can pick the topic you will write about from the list above and make sure to tackle the issue in a more logical approach.