A Collection Of Up-To-Date Topics For A High-School Essay On Education

There are many writing prompts to consider when choosing something for an education paper. When considering ideas think about what is needed for the paper to meet guidelines and academic expectations. When writing an essay, good education ideas can be challenging to find but made easy when coming across sample ideas. Here are some tips and idea samples to review.

10 Sample Education Essay Topics

Using a list of topics can make brainstorming easier. It also gives additional insight on possible ideas to consider when you can think of anything off the top of your head. Using writing prompts can encourage organic ideas that will lead to your main idea. Here is a list of sample ideas to help you create something original for your assignment.

  1. Why related costs are rising.
  2. Is education is not accessible in certain parts of the world.
  3. Is it easier to get a job with a degree?
  4. What you would remove from high school curriculum.
  5. Should high schools do more to help students prepare for college?
  6. Should sex education be required?
  7. Why federal governments have regulations in place for student loans.
  8. Why is college not free?
  9. Should students choose to go to school during the summer?
  10. Do homework assignments help or hurt students?

What to Remember

When considering an essay topic about education think about potential resources for research and whether you can present clear evidence related to the argument or opinion (thesis statement). Try to avoid choosing a topic that presents trouble or difficulty early in the writing process. This could mean your main idea isn’t strong enough or you need to consider another topic if you can’t gather enough supporting evidence to prove the claim.

Another idea to help choose potential topics is to think about class discussions. What are topics classmates talk about often or what are things of interest colleagues discuss with the instructor? Consider issues and concerns currently trending in the news when considering writing about a personal opinion or argument.