A Selection of Winning Topics to Explore in an Essay on Human Rights

  • Introduction

    Deciding which topic to tackle and delve into for your essay is certainly something that must not be taken lightly. In point of fact, the struggles of the entire writing process commonly begin here. Assuredly, wrong choice of topic can make the whole writing process a very cumbersome one so it is highly advised to do vast research first prior coming up with a subject matter to write about. When you are tasked to work on human rights essay topics, for sure, you will find the topic as a bit sensitive, demanding and must be carefully handled and supported with solid facts and evidence. People are always touchy when it comes to issues that have something to do with this topic. Due to this, it is imperative that you discreetly analyze the information that you will include in your essay. Are you in need of human rights essay examples? You can explore on the following list of topics so you can have idea of what possible topic to construct for your writing work.
    Here is a list of essay on human rights:

    1. Asylum seekers, Illegal Immigrants and Refugees
    2. Incorporating Social Media into Your Human Rights Campaigning
    3. Unsafe labor conditions in Bangladesh
    4. Human trafficking in the 21st Century
    5. Working with corporations to evaluate and significantly improve the impact of human rights
    6. The right to remain silent: What this exactly conveys to the accused
    7. Rampant violence and sexual abuse against women
    8. Large-scale human rights abuses in North Korea
    9. The right to privacy of famous celebrities who are harassed by media
    10. Defamation of individuals who have undergone sex transplant
    11. Forced labor to minors in undeveloped nations
    12. Making youth employment opportunities and living wages as component of human rights and business agenda
    13. Extrajudicial killing cases in countries that eradicate illegal drugs
    14. Human rights of people who are in the death row
    15. Bold leadership to beat human trafficking and forced labor
  • Conclusion
    Without doubt, there are a plenty of human rights issues that you can tackle and discuss for your written discourse. While it can be a very demanding and headache-causing task to work on your writing project particularly when you have to talk about sensitive topics, such type of task can help you and your target readers to learn more about the growing issue in human rights around the world. You can check out the list of topics above so you can start your writing work.