How To Pitch Upon Winning Essay Topics Related To Immigration

One of the hottest topics today is illegal immigration. This means that a lot of people are writing about it. This is presents a challenge when selecting a topic because of the possibility of many people addressing similar issues. How can you ensure that your essay on illegal immigration stands out and is memorable even after a teacher has read through hundreds of other papers?

Have a Captivating Topic

There is a lot of talk about illegal immigration. It is easy to pick a topic from any news broadcast and run with it. But so many other people are handling the common topics which dilute the impact it has on a reader. The best approach is to look for a unique angle on illegal immigration and derive your topic from there. Look at areas scholars have highlighted as lacking in scholarly material. This makes your paper interesting.
Ensure that your topic is strong and researchable. Anyone reading the topic should see justification why you choose it. It must be within the scope of your grade. Be very particular on the subject you wish to address on illegal immigration. Further, your choice of words should point at an interesting topic to read. Here are brilliant immigration essay topics to consider.

  1. What are the merits and demerits of illegal immigration to the local economy?
  2. Are children of illegal immigrants entitled to basic amenities
  3. Mexican immigration wave during republican and democrat presidential terms
  4. Simplifying legal residency for previous illegal immigrants
  5. How to treat an illegal immigrant who is not violent
  6. The impact of illegal immigration on employment sector
  7. Illegal immigration and the human rights record of the American society
  8. Changes in laws on undocumented persons
  9. Public notions and misconceptions about illegal immigration
  10. Race and illegal immigration discrepancies
  11. Access to health care for illegal immigrants

Polish Your Introduction

The beauty of your paper will be seen at the introduction. It should be captivating and inviting so that the reader finds a reason to go deeper. Quote statistics or a word from an influential figure or institution on immigration. The pace set by the introduction determines the reception your paper receives.
It is easier to be drawn to public notion and misconceptions when discussing a hot topic like illegal immigration. However, this will only reduce the quality of your work. You must endeavor to base your immigration essay on facts. This means citing and making references to credible books, journals and materials that can stand academic scrutiny.