15 Interesting Personal Essay Ideas For College Students

In college, students have to deal with the burden of a heavy curricular workload. They have loads of different topics to study and spending a lot of time on a single one is quite difficult for them. This is why they find it very hard to come up with ideas for personal essays. They don’t quite understand which personal essay topics are going to appeal to their tutors and the readers. This is why they often seek help from a personal essay writing service that is experienced in dealing with essay ideas for college. If you’ve been tasked with writing a personal paper, don’t worry! Before you start checking for online writing services, make sure you check out here to find a list of extremely helpful and convenient personal essay topics meant for college students.

List of Topics

  1. Pick an experience from your life where you weren’t very successful and failed to achieve your true goal. How did this experience affect your life? Was the overall outcome positive or negative?
  2. Think about a particular event in your life where you were placed in a difficult situation – you had to choose between playing it entirely safe or taking a big risk. Discuss the choice you eventually made. How did the outcome of this choice pay off in the long run? Looking back on the experience, would you have taken the same decision or would you have liked to make a different decision? How do you think that would have affected the future?
  3. Think hard and state a poem, movie, novel, or musical composition that has played a big role in shaping your life? Has your worldview changed because of this? If yes, why?
  4. State an experience in your life that completely changed both your life as well as your perspective on it. How far-reaching do you think the changes were?
  5. Is there any reason that you spent precious years of your life in college? What were the benefits? Did your time in college impact your perspective on life in any way?
  6. Being a college student, what plans have you made after graduation? How do you intend to spend the next few years? In the same vein, how far in your life have you mapped out?
  7. Suppose you’ve been given the power to alter a particular moment in your life. Which one would you choose and why? If not, then give your reasons.
  8. You’ve submitted your application for a particular college. You come to know that only one more spot on the admission roster remains open. What qualities do you think you possess for the college to accept your application instead of any other interested student?
  9. What would you say is your most special or unique skill? How far does it define you? Is there any way that it helps keep you separate from others?
  10. Think of a couple of tasks that you have managed to finish properly over the course of the last two years. Do they have some sort of connection to your academic studies?
  11. If you were ever given the choice to transform into any animal in recorded history, which one would you pick? Give reasons for your answer.
  12. If time travel were a possibility, which period in history would you go back to and why?
  13. In your opinion, which is the most significant social or political movement of the 20th century?
  14. What would your advice to a new high school student be?
  15. In what ways has your neighbourhood affected you and shaped you into the person you are now?