How To Come Up With Strong Political Science Essay Topics

The subject of political science is a part of the curriculum of most schools and colleges. However, political science has a very broad scope that encompasses a lot of different theories, ideas, concepts, and the problem starts when students assigned a political science essay by their teachers. They don’t know how to write a political science essay and they get confused about which angle they should take. In their attempt to incorporate different ideas, they fail to focus on any one specific topic, and end up submitting a half-baked paper where none of the concepts come to fruition. This is why students need to learn how to create a strong and focused topic that is supported by proper research. Narrowing down the scope of their political science essay topics is one option that students have, which makes the paper easier to research and more manageable in the long run.

Starting Off the Paper

You need to begin your paper by researching the different fields of political science. This will provide you with a feel for the type of topics and subjects that you can write on. There are a few categories that are extremely popular within the umbrella of political science. Some of them are:

  • Public policy – These are the laws and ideas that govern certain locations, like states or cities.
  • Political figures – Focus is on the leaders who implement the laws and rules, and govern nations.
  • Political parties – The various categories political concepts and ideas are placed into.
  • Political movements – Movements in the present or the past that changed ways of thinking and laws.
  • International Relations – The different ways in which countries relate and interact with one another.

Making the Writing Easier

Every major category might be broken further down into smaller categories, and this is where the focus of the students should be. A smaller category is helpful to write about compared to a general and broad topic. Thus, if you wish to write on public policy, you need to look at the subcategories.

Some of the subcategories that yield strong topics for political science papers include:

  • Healthcare Reform – This will explain how the new regulations and laws are helpful to the development of health care.
  • Trade policy – The laws that govern the transfer of products and goods.
  • Tax reform – New regulations that are being implemented with respect to taxes.
  • Conservative vs liberal – Understanding the two major opposing views on the different political issues.
  • Foreign trade – Taking a closer look at the way in which various nations support one another.
  • Leader policy – Understanding how government leaders act and the laws they need to uphold.
  • Uprisings – Exploring the reasons why political changes are often spurred by the common people.
  • Embargos – Figuring out how rulings that have been passed against a certain nation or group for one reason or another affect them.

You need to spend a bit of your time understanding all the options available to you for your political science topic. Make sure you remain focused and choose something that you are interested in. This will help you write a paper that is interesting to read and manages to capture the attention of the audience. Once you’ve decided on the topic you wish to write on, it is time to ensure that you have sufficient resources on the subject.